Everi / Multimedia Games

Multimedia Games was acquired by Everi, and Everi is now the brand name that will be used going forward. Known for their vibrant graphics, sounds, and music, Everi has created some of the most beautifully striking slots I’ve ever seen. Take a look at Starry Night, and tell me if it’s not one of the most graphically impressive titles ever created. Everi is also known for slots that have a 3x3 grid where pay lines aren’t just from left to right, but can also be top to bottom. Another innovation from the company has been the introduction of “side games” completely separate from the main slot you’re playing: for example “Side Action Dice” as shown in Stallion Spirit, a very engaging game in my opinion. One of their most popular titles you’ve likely seen is their Carnival in Rio title. Everi also produces cash/ticket redemption machines and slot tournament software which has been very well-received: in fact, you may have already played in one!